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LSD- Jast Last 7"EP (LSD Records, Japan, 198?)

Post # 201. Damn, I missed the 200-mark with this. Too bad. Guess you gotta live with another 99 posts. Poor bastards out there.

LSD played Japanese HC the way I’l luvin it. Great cheesy hippie intro and then the total nippon onslaught with nice riffing and over the friggin vocals! What’s really giving me goosebumps is the guitar solo in the first song and the tearful middle part – wonderful kitsch!!! And over 5 minutes long!!!! Isn’t it a crazy idea to mix kinda melodic music with such vocals? Damn, this is great!
Kinda rare piece o’wax, this might explain why LSD seems to be pretty unknown. Now we’re changing that.
Don’t know much to say about this. I’m not sure, but I think I used to have this with a diffferent sleeve once and I also had the band’s only other release, a flexi disc. It was nice too, but nowhere near the intensity of this. Yeah. Well. It’s been a hard week.

Karen Nash.mp3
Jast Last.mp3
[japanese title].mp3