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CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS / I REFUSE IT!- Permanent Scar Split LP (Children of the Revolution Records, UK, 1985)

cover scans currently down Here’s some more CCM for you – it’s the famous split tape, that was released on vinyl in the UK in 1985. 4 tracks had been left off due to technical reasons.
Not more needs to be said about CCM. I REFUSE IT!, who also had a great 7″ and an LP (I think), play totally off the wall avantgarde synthie-HC or however you want to call it. Not for the faint of heart, but at least check out “Chocu Umeret”, the band’s hit!

One thing about the CCM side: The track order seems to be correct until and including “400 Fascists” – but the rest of the side doesn’t somehow match with the tracklist printed on the innersleeve. I can make out some of the songs, but the whole thing’s kinda messy. That’s something you probably wouldn’t ever notice unless you rip it, I guess. I just left the rest as one big chunk and reproduced the obviously wrong tracklist as is. If anybody cares to clear things up, drop us a line.

Go to HY’s Antithesis blog and get some more CCM!

Voice of the Blood / Barbed Wire World.mp3
(Right to be)Italian.mp3
Nation on Fire.mp3
Envy (I’m a Mess).mp3
Foe or Friend.mp3
)We’re the) Juvenile Delinquency.mp3
Work (means Death).mp3
400 Fascists (in Town tonite).mp3
Rest: Best Paty ever – No Bore // Alkool // (Everyday’s a) Reagan Day // Bendix Power – Secret Hate // Addicition // Camp Darby Blues / Any Sacrifice.mp3

Nuove del Fronte.mp3
Chocu Umeret.mp3
Fall down.mp3
Jospehine (The Camel Girl).mp3
Sacrifici Umani.mp3
Spread of Disease.mp3
Chocu Umeret II.mp3