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CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS- Furious Party 7″EP (Belfagor Records, Italy, 1985)

ccm_frontccm_backThe scariest band that the Italian HC frenzy of 80s spat out was CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS. Especially due to the bands (the singers, Syd) bloody live shows, it’s common to hear that CCM were the “italian Germs”. That is, of course, bollocks.

The first 7″, released in late 1981 with a pressing of only 400 copies (if memory serves), was extremely hard to find until the 90s, when with the general price explosion for Punk records, dozens of stock copies surfaced. Said 7″ was recorded on a tape recorder or something, without absolutely no post-production whatsoever and sounded like your average highschool band’s first practice tape. More experienced would of course hear out the interesting song structures and a wild energy that didn’t simply come from the poor live recording.

The band’s other outputs, cassette tapes (one of them pressed onto vinyl in the mid 80s – the legendary CCM / I REFUSE IT! split LP), this 7″ and the weird, maybe a bit overdone “Into the Void” LP sounded much, much better. It’s safe to say that CCM were capable of developping a very unique sound.

On this slab, recorded in the end of 1984 and released shortly after, quite some barriers are taken down. Extremely heavy sounding, with short riffs of typical metal sort and very fragmented song structes make it difficult to really get into this – for some people. I’ve always been fascinated by CCM and the feeling of total desperation and coldness this band is able to stimuly. Especially on the epic “Frustration” song, where Syd’s vocals are just over the top, insane screaming.

Feel kinda sorry that this scratchy old vinyl of mine will start floating around now, but I think part of is due to an extremely cheap pressing anyway.

Frustration II / Frustration I.mp3
Easy Targets.mp3
Furious Party.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    the best collection of music on the web! thanks for all the work you put into this. must admit this 7″ is a bit too much for my taste though. some more punk and powerpop would be greatly appreciated.


    Posted on 24-Jan-07 at 11:02 | Permalink
  2. Anonymous

    Hey Erich:

    These guys toured USA in 1986.They crashed at my place and did a show with my old band in Maine.Later that summer I drove down to CBGB and met up with them to drive their van from NYC to Montreal as they borrowed the van from someone there.
    Used to write a lot to each other.They were nice guys to hang out with and talk to.



    Posted on 24-Jan-07 at 14:08 | Permalink
  3. Anonymous

    awesome!!!!! ive never heard this. can you post the CCM
    “into the void” LP?? mines waaaay scratched.
    as always…..EXCELLENT job!


    Posted on 24-Jan-07 at 14:24 | Permalink
  4. Anonymous

    I have an old tape with CCM on one side and another band on the other. The tape no longer plays very well.

    PS:You forgot to put the teddy!


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  5. milky afn

    I read that while on tour in the states their van broke down in WV, were you their at the time?

    Milky AFN


    Posted on 24-Jan-07 at 20:20 | Permalink
  6. Milky AFN (I need a pre-amplifier)

    Gosh, what awful grammer.

    I read that CCMF while touring the USA broke down in WV. Were you, (the fellow who knew them) there when this happened? Or no anything about it?




    Posted on 24-Jan-07 at 20:21 | Permalink
  7. milky afn

    KNOW ANYTHING correction.
    I’ll shut up now.


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  8. SRL

    I used to own this 45. I foolishly traded it. Thanks for posting it.


    Posted on 24-Jan-07 at 22:51 | Permalink
  9. stinky82

    in my opinion, CCM were the best italian HC band. They impressed me immediatelly on mentioned first EP from 1981 (I have bootleg in my collection), but my favourite song is “HC music” which you can hear on famous “world class punk” tape. Production is pretty clean, but sounds brutal and I would cry during that song. And yes, we could compare this band to (final era)Germs, according to Syd´s vocal.


    Posted on 25-Jan-07 at 04:40 | Permalink
  10. Hirsinger Youth

    Vor zwei Tagen habe ich angefangen dieses Tape mit dem letzten Gig und dem 83er Demo zu digitalisieren und dachte mir: Zeit für einen C.C.M. Beitrag. Dann schaue ich hier vorbei… hahahahaha… okay, ich poste das jetzt trotzdem.


    Posted on 25-Jan-07 at 05:35 | Permalink
  11. Erich

    Stinky – it’s kinda obvious to compare Syd to Darby, sure. But CCM and Germs are definately not comparable.


    Posted on 25-Jan-07 at 09:57 | Permalink
  12. Anonymous

    now if you’d post the entire split lp (incl iri) i’d light a candle for you.


    Posted on 26-Jan-07 at 03:24 | Permalink
  13. rick

    that milky guy used to troll alt.tastless about 5 years ago i think he is in his 4os 🙁
    he is one of those prank guys


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  14. Anonymous

    Happy birthday Milky


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  15. Anonymous

    you shouldn’t have given the idiot so much space.


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  16. Anonymous

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    if you ignore him he will stop


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  17. Anonymous

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  18. Anonymous

    too bad he didn’t keep going, i was hoping he would send you a cassette so everyone could make fun of him. thats why i didn’t speak up earlier
    most goofball of all, he actually believes david icke’s crap about the reptiles


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  19. howard dean

    You guys do realize he wrote that stuff just to be silly don’t you?


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  20. david icke

    Milky, is the Savior. He has paved the road for the future. He will stand and fight against the reptile menace. This Swedish fiend, Erich Keller is a reptile communist and drinks the blood of starving Nigerians with the wretched Queen mother in her satanic apartment of posh-comfort and genocidal killing.
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  21. Anonymous

    Interesting conversation about the end of the world and satanic practices here. I’ll stick to the posted record, though.

    It seems that the tracklist of this EP is wrong. The track listed as ‘Frustration II / I’ is clearly only one song. On the other hand, the first part (till 1:47 or so) of the track listed as ‘Furious party’ is exactly the same as a track that appeared (in a different take) in the comp tape ‘Loro decidono, tu paghi’ (1984) listed as ‘Frustration II’.


    PS Dear Erich, it seems (it seems) that you dont look much after the comments on the older posts. Maybe you should check the interesting info I contributed to the Ultratuita post…
    Alles Gute


    Posted on 28-Jan-07 at 22:09 | Permalink
  22. Erich

    I don’t think the track list on the 7″ is wrong.

    I am reading every comment that comes in (I’m getting an email for every single one), but I just don’t have time to comment on every comment. Keep on doing a fine job, Fernando!


    Posted on 29-Jan-07 at 01:10 | Permalink
  23. Anonymous

    Yes sir, I will (as far as this blog keeps my interest, which I think it will!) & thanks
    “I don’t think the track list on the 7″ is wrong”. – But why? The tape I mentioned appeared even earlier as the EP and the tracklist has no mistake. If you’d hear the track, you’d believe me.
    Plus, you should reckon that every single CCM release (Ausnahme: Into the void LP) has a wrong tracklist. The curse of CCM?
    – The 1st EP tracklists 3 songs where there are 5. My copy says: Side 1, 400 fascists / Tellyson. Side 2, Akool (sic). The real tracklist is: Side 1, Tellyson / 400 fascists. Side 2, Alkool / Bendix power – Secret hate.
    – The split tape, you said it yourself.
    – Even the “Last white Christmas” tape (a killer gig!) has a completely wrong tracklist.
    So – why should the ‘Furious party’ EP tracklist be OK? I see absolutely no reason! Ha ha

    Thanks, as always.

    Fernando 8¿D


    Posted on 29-Jan-07 at 19:41 | Permalink
  24. Anonymous

    Addenda. Now that I think of it, maybe I haven’t been clear about my real guess about the tracklist. So here it is (my guess): the 1st track that you give would be Frustration 1; the 2nd one, Easy targets; the 3rd one, Frustration II / Furious party (ending with a fragment of ‘Commandos’, a track which appeared in other tapes – a studio version of Commandos can be found on ‘Senza tregua’ compilation tape).


    Posted on 29-Jan-07 at 20:37 | Permalink
  25. So finally I got to hear this band. Been interested a long time so now I downloaded some stuff here and I must say that I´m really exited about this!! Any chanse that you, please, could upload some more of this great band?


    Posted on 06-Jan-08 at 23:02 | Permalink
  26. Okay, Erich, I agree with you that this one is better than the first one that Peter posted. It’s the same insanity, but much more focused. Some Flipper elements in there, too. Thanks!


    Posted on 24-Mar-09 at 19:31 | Permalink
  27. lino

    I got this record when they played Dayton Ohio in August of 86 it’s pressed by belfagor


    Posted on 03-Feb-13 at 18:56 | Permalink
  28. Tomasso

    if you wanna know what the fuzz was all about, check out this, ccm in their absolute prime with the second line up after syd’s brother (antonio, right?) had moved from bass to guitar.


    Posted on 15-Feb-13 at 20:47 | Permalink

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