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CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS- Furious Party 7″EP (Belfagor Records, Italy, 1985)

ccm_frontccm_backThe scariest band that the Italian HC frenzy of 80s spat out was CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS. Especially due to the bands (the singers, Syd) bloody live shows, it’s common to hear that CCM were the “italian Germs”. That is, of course, bollocks.

The first 7″, released in late 1981 with a pressing of only 400 copies (if memory serves), was extremely hard to find until the 90s, when with the general price explosion for Punk records, dozens of stock copies surfaced. Said 7″ was recorded on a tape recorder or something, without absolutely no post-production whatsoever and sounded like your average highschool band’s first practice tape. More experienced would of course hear out the interesting song structures and a wild energy that didn’t simply come from the poor live recording.

The band’s other outputs, cassette tapes (one of them pressed onto vinyl in the mid 80s – the legendary CCM / I REFUSE IT! split LP), this 7″ and the weird, maybe a bit overdone “Into the Void” LP sounded much, much better. It’s safe to say that CCM were capable of developping a very unique sound.

On this slab, recorded in the end of 1984 and released shortly after, quite some barriers are taken down. Extremely heavy sounding, with short riffs of typical metal sort and very fragmented song structes make it difficult to really get into this – for some people. I’ve always been fascinated by CCM and the feeling of total desperation and coldness this band is able to stimuly. Especially on the epic “Frustration” song, where Syd’s vocals are just over the top, insane screaming.

Feel kinda sorry that this scratchy old vinyl of mine will start floating around now, but I think part of is due to an extremely cheap pressing anyway.

Frustration II / Frustration I.mp3
Easy Targets.mp3
Furious Party.mp3