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ALLEY CATS- Nothing means nothing anymore 7" (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1978)

alleycats_frontalleycats_backClassic L.A. Punk on the label: ALLEY CATS 7″ has only one flaw and that is major: It’s too damn short.
Both tracks have the good ol’ rock’n’roll vibe, delivered with a punch, thanks to the drummer and the bassist. And, okay, the guitarist and vocalist too. And the production. And the roman empire.

And always remember: When “Nothing means nothing anymore”, then everything means something. Were the ALLEY CATS one of the very few popular music groups who actually understood, what Nietzsche meant with “Nihilism”? Most likely, even if unconciously so.
Pictured is the rare “sofa” sleeve variation. Check out the dude with the moustache.

Nothing means nothing anymore.mp3
Give me a little Pain.mp3