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PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE- Detaching from Satan 12"EP (Minotauro Records, Italy, 1984)

cover scans currently down Post numba 200 is approaching quickly, and since I once said to myself, that this would be the end for Goodbadmusic, it’s time to unleash the very very best while there’s still time.

There must be something terribly wrong with things in general, down there in Italy. PAUL CHAIN (born Paolo Catena) was founding member of DEATH S.S., one of the bands that I truely truely truely truely consider GENIUS. Luckily, when DEATH S.S. split up, it wasn’t the end, cause what madman PAUL CHAIN delivered afterwards and ever since, in an uncountable amount of records, is one of a kind and of the same quality. It’s even save to say that PAUL CHAIN carried on the torch of DEATH S.S. while the band under the same name terribly degenerated after Paul’s split. And this, you guessed it, is his first and best effort.

Singing in a language that doesn’t exist (the inlet says “it’s purely phonetic), this man manages to combine the over-sweetness and rottenness of southern italian religiosity with riffs that have to be heard to be believed. Not too much metal wanking here, just totally out in space leads and an aura that weighs a fucking ton. This record IS depressing and it’s like somebody drags you into an icecold bath during the songs. Fuck me Jesus, I could go on and find metaphors for how “Detaching from Satan” works on me forever and ever. Have you ever heard such a Dante-esque metal record? This is not of this earth. The only complaint I have that his is just a 12″ and not of the playing time of the boxsets Chain later released (one was a totally twisted opera!).
I remember how I kept writing letters to Paul Chain, without ever hearing back from him. And I mean, I even made Kurt from Siege respond me back in the day – but Paul Chain? No way. Too cool to answer fan mail. I follow that formula too now.

If you think a “punk” (people in their 40s with a goood income) shouldn’t listen to metal cuz it’s just not okay or something, then please leave this blog at once and never come back. Thank you.

To my german speaking readers: I strongly suggest to read Peter Winkler’s “Friedhof der bitteren Orangen” [“Cemetary of the bitter oranges”] while playing this (don’t know whether the book’s been translated into english or other non-civilized languages).

More stories about DEATTH S.S. and how “Detaching from Satan” helped me to pull more than one girl between my sheets of ecstasy (as the NEON HEARTS call it) over the past years, when I post DEATH S.S. withdrawn 7″ “Evil Metal”.

I’ve taken the song titles and their order as it’s on the cover and labels. It’s kinda weird cuz I swear I hear “Voyage to Hell” in the refrain of “Occultism” and so on. Anybody got the CD reissue of this? How’s it there?
Voyage to Hell.mp3
Armageddow [sic].mp3
17 Day.mp3

PS: Have you looked at Paul Chain’s photograph on the record cover? Know what I mean?