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Short Intermission: "Several of my favorite new bands"

It’s wonderful to see how the music industry cares about blogs like this and also, how much work they put into their pr-campaigns. I seriously wonder: Which are the “new bands” that have become Anna’s new faves? Confuse? Fear Of God? Or Pandemonium? Let us know, Anna!

Dear Erich,

I am writing to you because I have become an avid reader of your blog as it seems you report on music that interests me and my friends and it is how I have discovered several of my favorite new bands. Perhaps, this is not the norm for how you choose to discover the music you do but I have become fascinated by an artist from England who has frequented the U.S. in the last year or so, and is starting to garner attention from a few tastemakers (or at least that is what they like to call themselves). I find that you are a real taste maker!
I don’t recall many female artists who write and perform their own material that have received mass attention in the U.K first before doing so in the U.S. I believe this artist, Natascha Sohl might in due time do just that which is the reason I begged her U.S. manager, Aimee Berger at 2 Generations for a job to help coordinate marketing efforts for this artist. In my opinion, Natascha will not remain under the radar for long. She co-wrote and sang 13 tracks on a record titled “Dirty Little Word” alongside U.S. producer and songwriter Russ Desalvo, mixer and engineer (with additional production) Dug McGuirk and noteworthy songwriters Dana Calitri , Martin Briley, Arnie Roman and Tanya Leah.

She recently signed on to be represented by Adam Elfin at First Contact Agency for bookings outside North America and she has been offered a record deal for North America with a subsidiary of Universal Records but at present has not accepted. You can get a taste of her vocal capabilities and songwriting strength at however some of the tracks attracting attention have not been publicly revealed and those songs include but are not limited to Body Beautiful and Habit. From what I have learned about you, I believe that your taste may be piqued as I have enjoyed your opinions! If you would be interested in receiving an advance copy of the album for your consideration and review, please email me a follow up and kindly include your address. If you have a desire to interview Natascha and/or feature one of her songs on your site, I would be delighted to discuss the opportunity.