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UXA- Illusions of Grandeur LP (Posh Boy Records, USA, 1981)

cover pix currently down Some axed for it and here we go: UXA’s one and only LP. From the Johnny Rotten-alike vocal style (“yyyyyyoooooaaarrr frreeedomm”) in the immortal “Paranoia is Freedom” to the post-punk desperation of “Death from above” and the hardcoreish “No Time”; this is one true landmark! “Innocent Bystander” is so damn gloomy and desastrous sounding like it could only have been written in the snowhite land of L.A. and the same goes for the weird burlesque feeling of “Tragedies”.

“Illusions of Grandeur” has been re-released on both LP and CD on Italy’s “Get back” label in 2004.


There are two versions of this LP. The first one, with the white stamped cover, had 10 songs and a different, much dryer mix. It was released in 1980. I think Posh Boy wasn’t satisfied with that one for whatever reason, so they remixed it and released it again, including 2 extra tunes. This is the regular 1981 version of the LP and sound wise, it’s a bit rougher. UXA, on the other hand, weren’t too happy about that 2nd version and this might be the reason why it hasn’t been resurrected earlier. Consequently, the CD version is identical with the first, band approved, version. And sadly so, the better, second version stays in the closet. But ha! Not with me!!

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Paranoia is Freedom.mp3
No time.mp3 & UXA.mp3
Hand in Glove.mp3
I don’t lose Sleep.mp3
You saw me.mp3
Sister Godfrieda.mp3
Innocent Bystander.mp3
Death from above.mp3