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V/A UTREG PUNX- Compilation 7"EP (Rock Against, Holland, 1980)

Here’s the first (?) dutch punk and (proto-) hc 7″ comp, UTREG PUNX. What can I say? A little gem, primitive and hard hitting hits only, in my humble opinion. Especially the manic NOXIOUS do it to me with the over the top vocals and an overall intensity that reminds heavily on italian bands of some years later. Awesome! And the two femaly vocalized bands are equally great, especially NIXE with an incredible singerette who probably wasn’t a day older than 13 years of age. An what would left radicalism be without anti-americanism … but it’s maybe my fave EX song, musically.
But every song here on is the shit, actually, and it’s another little miracle why this hasn’t been re-issued when you see all the mediocre shit being shat out. Apart from that, this platter is pretty tough to come by. So here you go, thanks to the postmodern ages – download and enjoy and please fill in additional info!

LULLABIES: The System.mp3
RAKKETAX: Van Agt.mp3
NOXIOUS: Sunday Fools.mp3
EX: Stupid Americans.mp3
NIXE: You say.mp3