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HORROR PLANET- Cow Pies from Hell 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1985)

You know, the problem with posts like this is, that they’ll eat up the blog in the end. There aren’t that many obscure HC and Punk records left, and now there’s one less that awaits resurrection. And here we have, methinks, an extraordinarily great piece of plastic by NY’s HORROR PLANET!

On a decriptive note, this sounds a lot like Canada’s PERSONALITY CRISIS, mostly due to the great opera-vocals. Other than that, the band was pretty experienced, from what it seems, and plays around in a highly enjoyable and sarcastic way with the typical HC standards. Lyrically, as you can guess by the titles, it’s quite trippy too …
Ordered this in 1985 from Germany’s “Sasquatsch” mailorder, and with that being said, I’m already running out of info on this one. Rumor has it, this is pre-Ludichrist (who had a fantastic demo and an even better LP in the later 80s).
Flex! (hi Burkhard) says, there’s probably only 50 made of the the cloth sleeve and I do hope that’s true, cause I would pity the band members for the effort otherwise.

My fave on this is probably “The Kid whose Brain was loose”. Listen to the guitar – crazy!!!
And now, let’s hope the price of this great 7″ will double!

It wasn’t the Fleas.mp3
Grandma Blood …..mp3
Expand your Mind (and shorten your Life).mp3
My Pizzeria.mp3
The Kid whose Brain was loose.mp3