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THE LEWD- Kill yourself 7"EP (Scratched Records, USA, 1978)

Lewd_frontLewd_backFirst heard “Kill yourself” by THE LEWD on the KBD series. Sure, this is not as good as the LP, but how could you compare? Whereas this is definately a raunchy punk record (recorded when the band was located in Seattle still), “American Whino” was a paranoid chant, full of lustful hatred and buzzsawin geetar. “Climate of Fear” must be one of the best borderline songs I ever heard.
The b-side here is actually better than the title track.

If some blog would post V.S. “Magnetic Heart” 7″, that’d be great, cause I dumbass sold it.

Traded my last copy of the Lewd 7″ for Suicide Squad 7″ and bought this here for 4$ last week. Fair enough to share it with you.

Kill yourself.mp3
Trash Can Baby.mp3
Pay or die.mp3