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5051- s/t 7"EP (Bias Music, USA, 1982)

Another one I’ve never really cared to get, until I bought it last week for 8$.
5051 is one of the obscurer ’82 bands, though popular among collector scum. I don’t really know much to say about 5051, other than they were from San Diego and rumor has it there’s an unreleased LP in the closet.

What I love about this one is the gloomy Posh Boy sound, the forceful production and the double guitar bits. And the drums sound, like drums should sound! “disciple” is the weakest of the bunch, but even there, the guitar lines help it rom being utterly dispensable. And yes, the singer, sounds pre-pubertarian, but on the other hand, this adds to the charme.
Very desperate overall feeling, methinks, and well worth every bit of hype it can get.

El Salvador.mp3
Target of Insanity.mp3
Too late.mp3