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CONFUSE- Nuclear Addicts Flexi 7"EP (Blue Jug Records, Japan, 1984)

CONFUSE from Japan were the shit back in the day. Their records, particularly this Flexi Disc, were hard to find and there was some kind of aura shining around them. No wonder, since especially this babe still stands up there in the glory hall of primitive distorted noise (pdn). What else can you say? That they probably gave their DISORDER records some good spinnin’ before recording this? That their musical talent shows in the enigmatic emblem of no talent? That the guys looked like a bunch of postcard punks? That all of this doesn’t matter now, nearly a quarter of a century later, and we can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful brutality of CONFUSE?

One more thing. Dig, founder of Earache Records, one day in 1985 had the glorious idea of recording two songs on a cheap cassette tape, one each from OUTO and CONFUSE and renaming them (“Disaster” from CONFUSE became “(Charles Manson is) Innocent” and “I like Cola” was re-titled “I like killing”). Then he called the “band” WEREWOLF CHAOS (or was it ANTICHRIST?) and started putting the tape in the international traders pipe. It didn’t take long and the tape was on every list throughout the world and many people thought of it as the new hot shit.
But that’s not the funniest thing about it. Soon after this, a friend of mine wrote CHARLES MANSON IS INNOCENT in BIG white dripping letters on his black leather jacket, and below that – WEREWOLF CHAOS. I still smile when I think of it and worse – I will always hear “Innocent” and not “Disaster”.

PS: Another great idea, a german friend of mine had, was to record DISCHARGE’s “Hear nothing” LP on 45rpm and sending it on tape, with a neatly made cover and a band name I unfortnately forgot to some fanzines. You wouldn’t believe it, but the tape got some good reviews.

People are nuclear poisoning.mp3
Rebel & War.mp3
Hate (Is it War?).mp3
No Victor.mp3
Inno aaaaah Disaster.mp3
The End.mp3

PS: The scans came out a bit grey and a bit bright.