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STRANGLEHOLD- Leisure tour ’84 7" (Taang / One Step, USA, 1984)

Music that is vital without being trivial, enjoyable but not flat, accessible while still keeping an ungrinded edge to it – that’s something you rarely find. (IMPATIENT) YOUTH to me always stood for a succcessfull walk on that line.
“She’s not leaving” by Boston’s STRANGLEHOLD is another such hymn. The song is so damn hooky and full of life, I always thought this had to be a cover version, though the credits say different. I didn’t know this 7″ existed until the day before yesterday. “She’s not leaving” however appeared on “Empty Skulls II”, so when I put this babe on this morning, I immediately remembered the song, but first mistakenly thought it came from that supergreat aussie comp “Not so Humdrum” I featured a while back, cuz it has the exact same vibe as some of the material there.
So here is this probably most obscure of all TAANG releases. Although this, to me, seems like an attempt to form a “super group”, it didn’t get much recognition, as it seems. The flip is very nice too, but not so much of an instant hit.
Chris Doherty, who was in both JERRYS KIDS and GANG GREEN, played guitar in STRANGLEHOLD, by the way. The 7″ includes the notorious want/trade lists by Curtis from TAANG, which used to be something like a guideline to me for desireable records.

Anybody got STRANGLEHOLD’s discography CD or, better yet, the 12″ from 1983 (and wants to give it to me)?

Same all over (long Version).mp3
She’s not leaving.mp3