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CONFEDERATE- Surrender or Just Fight LP (Revenge Records, USA, 1983)

Old cover shots generelly missing due to server migration Yesterday, something incredible happened to me. I bought off about 70 rare HC and Punk records from a collector in my neighbourhood, whom I’ve known for a very long time. And it was a bargain!

Among them, there was this one. Never heard of it before, and when I got up this morning, I did a quick FLEX scan. And here you go: “Obnoxious Punk / hardcore. Short, powerless tracks, thin production. [5].”

Well, not that this is the best I ever heard, but it’s still a winner! As I just discused it with Peter KBD – if you’d have heard this in 83, it would have surely meant much to you. But old HC that you missed back in the day, to me seems kinda diffficult to get into, 20 years later. Maybe it’s the total HC overdose I had in the 80s, when I ate and shat HC. Still, give it a second round and you’ll be impressed, I think. Sounds like a cross between early VANDALS, PLAIN WRAP and other metal free HC bands of the golden era.
And obnoxious it is, with a good dose of southern cali-feeling, good craftmanship and yeah – listen yourself now, what a “thin production” sounds like, haha. Produced by Rikk Agnew, by the way. And yes, you can HEAR that.

Now maybe I’m the only one who never heard that until today, so please fill us in with details. Timmy?

My World.mp3
Stop and go.mp3
Written Laws.mp3
Life in Vegas.mp3
Surrender of Just Fight.mp3
My Way.mp3
Brixton Wall.mp3
Take the Pressure.mp3
Pity me.mp3
Upsetting Matter.mp3
My Generation.mp3
We keep up front.mp3
American Farmboy.mp3
Starting to hate.mp3
War is not real.mp3