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Minor Punk Rock Scams: BATTALION OF SAINTS- Second Coming LP (Nutrons Records, USA, 1984) vs Death R Us CD

photos currently down I was puzzled when I first saw “8 mm”. Handsome Joaquin Phoenix (“Walk the Line”) played a witty and very likable L.A. “punk” character that immediately reminded me strongly of somebody I had met only a few years earlier in the backyard of my house: Anthony, the singer from BATTALION OF SAINTS. Just like his movie alter ego, he was a bright and nice bloke; you’d just love to sit down with him and have a couple of beers.

So what, you’re saying – this has been re-issued on that “Death R-Us” CD, along with some bonus material. Well, maybe I’m getting a bit paranoid here, or am just fantasising – but that Cd version of “Second Coming” is not the same as my vinyl! It starts right from the beginning in “My Mind’s Diseased” (the band’s super hit and one of the best and catchiest songs that I, professional barker and fan of “Power Metal”, have heard in my nearly 39 years under this sun): Where the original just has this incredible riffing intro, the CD has a bass drum kicking in the beat! There are more differences in many of the songs, but I’ll loeave it you private ears to find them. Also, but that’s maybe due to the 160 kb copy I have from Soulseek, the sound of the CD version doesn’t even come close to that of the vinyl.
Oh yes, and another oddity: Did you ever notice that the LP track listing of the B-side is actually wrong?

BATTALION OF SAINTS were one of the first bands to combine the power of metal (hint hint nudge nudge) with the relentlessness of Punk and the steadyness of Rock – and that combination sounded Hardcore without being Hardcore, really. Amazing! To me, this album is the only american album that has the brute force of DISCHARGE’s “Why” 12″, even you can’t really compare the bands musically. Much of the impact of B.O.S. is probably due to the clean, simple, precise and monotone drumming. When it came out, everybody said that this must be a drum machine and I always believed it.
Though I don’t at all agree with Lemmy that the B.O.S. version of “Ace of Spades” beats the original, it still is an impressive cover and matches perfectly with the rest of the songs and the overall dark, hard and down&out feelin of “Second Coming”.

This, ladies and gentlemen, IS a fucking milestone of a record! And you get the full A-side here, plus “Ace of Spades”.

My Mind’s diseased.mp3 (“Death R-Us” version)
compare with:
My Mind’s diseased.mp3
Animal in Man.mp3
Right or wrong.mp3
Holy Vision.mp3
Buddies and Pals.mp3
No more Lies.mp3
Second Coming.mp3

Space of Ades.mp3

PS: On a side note: I’ll be selling a beautiful ex/ex spare copy of “Fighting Boys” on eBay soon. If you’re interested in it before it goes up, drop me a line and make an offer. The last one on eBay went for 114$ (ended yesterday).