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RODNEY BINGENHEIMER- Then I kissed her, c/w Let’s make the Scene 7" (Razor Records, USA, 1977)

bingomongo.jpgbestofrodney.jpgAfter so much harsh stuff here on Good Bad Music, it’s time for a breather.
RODNEY BINGENHEIMER was a famous Radio DJ in L.A. in the 70s and helped especially the numerous Posh Boy and SST acts to find a wider audience through his legendary “RODNEY ON THE ROQ” show. You will surely know the three (and an unauthorized 4th) Posh Boy comps of the same name; they’re mandatory and feature some of the best ever recorded Punk, often in interesting alternative takes.
What you probably didn’t know is, that Rodney tried himself to become a Rockstar in the year of 1977. I always found it kinda cheap from ANGRY SAMOANS to write that anti-Rodney song, only because he didn’t give them airplay. I mean, get over it, he didn’t like your music, so fucking what. But when I heard this, I understood better. The SAMOANS must have meant this!
This is simply too bad to be true! The cover version of the nifty Phil Spector mayhem of “Then I kissed her” is so damn unironic and crappy, it’s embarassing. He mananged to make the song sound like a bloody Christmas tune. The flip is unreal. Label states the artist as “Rodney Bingenheimer and the New Wave Orchestra”. Yeah, right. So fuckin bad it could almost be on one of them KBD or Powerpearl boots.

Don’t know if this ever had a PS. Anyone?

Then I kissed her.mp3
Let’s make the Scene.mp3

PS: While playing “Then I kissed her”, please look at the singer’s photo. Thank you.