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Monthly Archives: January 2007

WARDS- The World ain’t pretty and neither are we 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1983)


And here’s Tony’s request cause he wanted to have a quality rip of the WARDS mighty debut. When I received a package, containing this 7″, the follow-up and the “Ripped off in boston” Demo tape, I couldn’t believe it: The band said they had problems in getting rid of the stuff, thus offering a massive […]

WHITE PIGS- Hit Bonanza Demo Tape (USA, 1985)


This very aggressive, blistering demo tape was sent to me by the WHITE PIGS when I still had my fanzine going and until yesterday, I was sure, the band’s first 7″ was way better than this. Now that Timmy reminded me on posting this for him, I thought, I’d give it a few seconds in […]

MEDIEVAL- All Knobs to the right Demo Tape (USA, 1984)


Isn’t blogging a nice thing? I just had posted my want list on the main page, when I received an email, offering me some original demo tapes. Thanks so much Dave! And now I’m passing one of the pearls onto you. I was living in a shitplace myself, out of time, out of place, when […]

PLAGUE- Just say no 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1987)


I saw that Slobo has requested this in every known blog of the universe. Here you go, with PLAGUE’s debut 7″. 6 (7 kind of) rough HC songs, much like Poison Idea and with a singer who sounds like the guy in Seizure (“All hail the fucking System” 7″). I think the first song is […]

DEATH SS- Evil Metal 7"EP (Metal Eye, Italy, 1984)


As promised (check the Paul Chain Violet Theatre post), here’s the mysterious and collectible DEATH SS 7″ from 1984. I’m sure, everybody familiar with the work of italian band GOBLIN and movies such as “Suspiria” or “Profondo Rosso” from Dario Argento or slashers like “Anthropophagus” and the many italian Zombie movies of the late 70s […]

LSD- Jast Last 7"EP (LSD Records, Japan, 198?)


Post # 201. Damn, I missed the 200-mark with this. Too bad. Guess you gotta live with another 99 posts. Poor bastards out there. LSD played Japanese HC the way I’l luvin it. Great cheesy hippie intro and then the total nippon onslaught with nice riffing and over the friggin vocals! What’s really giving me […]

CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS / I REFUSE IT!- Permanent Scar Split LP (Children of the Revolution Records, UK, 1985)


cover scans currently down Here’s some more CCM for you – it’s the famous split tape, that was released on vinyl in the UK in 1985. 4 tracks had been left off due to technical reasons. Not more needs to be said about CCM. I REFUSE IT!, who also had a great 7″ and an […]

CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS- Furious Party 7″EP (Belfagor Records, Italy, 1985)


The scariest band that the Italian HC frenzy of 80s spat out was CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS. Especially due to the bands (the singers, Syd) bloody live shows, it’s common to hear that CCM were the “italian Germs”. That is, of course, bollocks. The first 7″, released in late 1981 with a pressing of only 400 […]

ALLEY CATS- Nothing means nothing anymore 7" (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1978)


Classic L.A. Punk on the label: ALLEY CATS 7″ has only one flaw and that is major: It’s too damn short. Both tracks have the good ol’ rock’n’roll vibe, delivered with a punch, thanks to the drummer and the bassist. And, okay, the guitarist and vocalist too. And the production. And the roman empire. And […]

PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE- Detaching from Satan 12"EP (Minotauro Records, Italy, 1984)


cover scans currently down Post numba 200 is approaching quickly, and since I once said to myself, that this would be the end for Goodbadmusic, it’s time to unleash the very very best while there’s still time. There must be something terribly wrong with things in general, down there in Italy. PAUL CHAIN (born Paolo […]