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Mc RAD- Dominant Force Mini-LP (Red Music, USA, 1984 [manuf. in Holl])

And again one of the enigmatic order of the Mini-LPs (translate: extended playing extended plays). Joe over at Last Days of Man on Earth recently posted some hot shyte (Dr. Know and the 2nd Thrash Comp, “Barking Trucks and blazing Wheels”) and asked to hear the infamous McRAD debut. Well, I wouldn’t be the nice bloggin’ bloke I am if I wouldn’t hear his call. So here’s the full thing for ya and yes, the b-side is bad. We know that. I used to love this back then, and I still think it has its moments. Really quality stuff here.
Released on the same label that also brought us the cool and overlooked “Get off our Backs” Comp. LP with F.O.D., Y.D.I. (brutal!) and more sweets.

Skate or die! (Well, for me it would be skate and die, frankly. Can hardly walk on me tiny feet)

Acid Drop.mp3
Programmed Children.mp3
Dominant force.mp3
No Guns.mp3
Forget those Years (Dub).mp3