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GISM- Detestation CD (Beast Arts / VID Records, Japan, 1992 [1984])

I’ve been meaning to post some GISM for quite some time now and when I realized, that I have the DETESTation CD as well as the vinyl (I rarely look through my Cds), I thought I’d share this with you. This is true Girlfriend-chase-away-Core!

There’s plenty to be found on GISM on the web, so I don’t feel like telling you much that you already know. Just this: I first heard ’em on the “War – Peace” Double LP and couldn’t believe my ears! “Endless Blockade for the Pussyfooter” is nothing but a hit and amazingly so although being totally distinctive from everything else you will have ever heard in your life. No other band even remotedly sounded like the crazies around vocalist and professional madman Sakevi, who once walked through the streets of his hometown, using a hair spray can and a lighter to cause some havoc; this brought him into custody. At least, that’s what the rumors say. “Si non e vero, e bon trovato”.
Although my fave GISM track isn’t on “Detestation” (that’s actually “Fire” from the “Great Punk Hits” comp), this babe DESTROYS! One of the most aggressive and menacing records ever put out, with a guitar sound and vocals that make you wanna – well, they don’t wanna make you make cookies, will they. This leads to the Cookie Monster and indeed, Sakevi could be taken as one of the originators of what was later called Cookie Monster vocals. But contrary to most of the Grindcore and Death Metal wannabes, this man actually HAD a voice!

Bla bla bla, chatter chatter chatter. Enjoy the full artwork of the CD (though it turned out to be impossible to reproduce the marvellous “metallic” finish of the original), turn up loud and fuck shit up! Punks is Hippies!!!

Endless Blockade for the Pussyfooter.mp3
Death Agonies and Screams.mp3
ABC Weapons.mp3
Document One.mp3
(Tear their) Syphilitic Vaginas to Pieces.mp3
Nuclear armed Hogs.mp3
Extra hidden material.mp3

(I corrected the song titles. They differ from those on the vinyl issue, but I didn’t check back with them and just used “proper” versions instead. Forgimme).