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SS DECONTROL- The Kids will have their Say Mini-LP (Dischord Records / X-Claim Records, USA, 1982)

cover scans currently down In order to helllcome the 100’000st visitor since I installed the counter a couple months back, here’s one of the milestones of HC for you to grab. When I was about to finish the cover art for INFEST’s “Slave” Mini-LP on my label OFF THE DISK RECORDS, Matt (the guitarist of the band) sent me a letter, saying “make the backcover look like SSD’s first 12er”. And I tried.
Some say this was one of the records to destroy what was formerly known as Punk by installing an ugly boyscout / conservative musical Jockorama. Others may say different, but I’d basically agree with the first. I remember all too well how much this impressed me when I first heard it one or two years after its initial release. “Boiling Point” or the title track seemed to truely outspeak in anger what I’ve had always felt. Looking back, I know that I’ve had about the same feelings when the first two IRON MAIDEN LPs came out. Haha.

Anyway – although this is maybe one of the most important albums in the history of american HC “Punk”, it still hasn’t been offically re-released. Bits and parts of it had been used to fill the ludicrous “Power” anthology of SSD, put out by Springa (the band’s singa) a couple years ago. And, of course, there was the infamous bootleg version on “Discord/ Ex-Claim” records, made by Ray of Yesterday, the Bono of Hardcore. The ex-bandmembers found out quickly who was responsible for the boot and weren’t all-too-enchanted about it, so part of the pressing was destroyed, with only ca. 600 of it surviving, making it one of the rarest REVELATION releases (hoho).

Boiling Point.mp3
Fight them.mp3
Do you even care.mp3
Not normal.mp3
Wasted Youth.mp3
Jock Itch.mp3
Fun to you.mp3
How much Art.mp3
The Kids will have their Say.mp3
Headed straight.mp3
War Threat.mp3
Teach me Violcence.mp3
Who’s to judge.mp3
Police Beat.mp3
The End.mp3