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RAW POWER- You are the Victim LP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1983)

photos currently down Another great scanner and photoshop job by me … get me an lp-size scanner gawddammit!!!

Somebody recently begged for this: RAW POWER from Italy had 2 albums, a couple of tapes and a so-so 7″. The rest you can forget. Even the re-issue of this sucks shit compared to the original sound, but I admit that this is purely subjective.

Never ask me which one I like better: “You are the Victim” or “Screams from the Gutter”. The crazyness and total over-the-top feeling of the latter is intriguing, but the first one has so much charme and warmth with its rumbling sound (the bassdrum KILLS) and the bad mastering job.
As you will probably know, this first LP is pretty rare, ‘though it’s interesting to see how much its value has come down during the last 2 or 3 years. Still it’s tough to find with only a few hundreds ever pressed and pretty poor distribution ooutside of the european mainland (honestly, you could walk into more than one record store in Switzieland and buy it for a regular price until the mid 80s and even then, it turned up quite regularly. But that won’t help you much, I know). The pressing quality of this is pretty cheap, with quite a bit of vinyl-noise and all, still – it’s perfect for what it is.

Live, RAW POWER were one true force yet were totally unbelievable to watch with their 70s rockers outfit and the bandanas. I remember how some punks yelled at the guitarist for his wanking and posing (never figured out whether this was some sort of joke or serious – but it fit perfectly!). However, I think most people were just too impressed by the band’s unstoppable force, especially during the “Screams from the Gutter” era.

Enjoy, hounds of hell! And don’t forget to put on your bandanas.

Police Police.mp3
Corrosive Water.mp3
Raw Power.mp3
Burning Factory.mp3
State Oppression.mp3
Don’t let me see it.mp3
You are the victim.mp3
No Card.mp3
Death Seller.mp3