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STAINS- John Wayne was a Nazi, b/w Born to die 7" (RRadical Records, USA, 1980)

stainstx_front.jpgstainstx_back.jpgTexass up yours! Since I recently posted the first DICKS 7″, I thought I had to follow up with this first release from Rradical Records. STAINS were basically, as you know, what was later known as MDC.
“John Wayne was a Nazi”, though it’s quite obvious that he wasn’t, has become a real catch phrase and should be regarded as such. Whereas I didn’t enjoy the flip too much back in the day, I nowaydays find it fantastic! The stakkato preachy singing of the singer alreadys shows up here but is still way more bareable than in MDC. I never saw MDC live but the Flipside Video is hillarious – the singer spends more time preaching than singing.

I’ve had two pressings of this originally. Next to the one featured here, there’s one with b/w cover and the addition of “MDC” next to the band name. This later version also had a different mastering job, if I’m not mistaken. Please fill us in and / or provide a rip of the 2nd press, if you can.

John Wayne was a Nazi.mp3
born to die.mp3