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THE DICKS- Hate the police 7" EP (Radical Records, USA, 1980)

Repost of my first post from March 3 2006 – mp3 files added!

“Mommy, mommy, mommy look at your son” – that’s how one of the very best songs ever starts off – and right from the first beats on, you’ll find yourself drawn into a claustrophobic atmosphere of both bitterness and melancholy. It always made me wonder how an anti-cop song could have such a dark vibe, whereas for instance BLACK FLAGS “police story” sounds so incredibly aggressive, while lyrics point out that “we can’t win”. The same desperate feeling can be heard on AK-47 “The badge means you suck” [posted here in the meantime]. Must have been Texas that made them sound so dark, I guess.
Somebody should sit down one day and try and put together an anthology of (anti-)cop songs (Mystic Records had the same idea in 1984 when they released that great «COPulation» Compilation LP – I mean, the title alone …).

The other two songs on “Hate the police” are very good songs (“Lifetime problems” and “All night fever”) but, frankly spoken, come nowhere near the greatness of the a-side.

The original pressing of this (as seen on the pictures) had a press run of 500 copies and sold out quickly. I remember even in 1984, when the 2nd 7″ by THE DICKS came out, the first one was nearly impossible to get. I traded mine for a copy of TNT “Züri brännt”. A nice deal, I think.
“Hate the police” was bootleged in the UK in the early 90s. It has a 2-colord cover only and the insert is missing. No idea whether this ever appeared on any official re-releases or in other bootleg versions. You help me.

And remember: “If you can’t find justice, it will find you!”.

The Dicks hate the Police.mp3
Lifetime Problems.mp3
All Night Fever.mp3