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CHICKEN BOWELS- Keep our Fire burning! 7"EP ([japanese writing] F006E, Japan, 1987)

cb_frontcb_backCHICKEN BOWELS one and only 7″ (they also had some tracks on “My Meats your Poison” Comp LP) is one crazy japanese slab. Typical top-notch musicianship, tight production and exceptionally great melodic vocal lines. “No Control” and the fantastic “Lie and Truth” may be the highlights here. But who could say it better than the band itself – here’s the english part of the lyrics to “No Control”:
“Hurry up! No Future
Drop out! Dirty Crows
No! No! Control
Die! Just yourself
Go down! Kill Yourself!
Get out! Noisy Crows
Make a fresh Start of Life
People will talk!”

Yeah man, think about this!

Oh yes – some guys from Berlin bootleged this and three other jap 7″s on an LP about 10 years ago.


Keep our Fire burning!.mp3
You live in Dream.mp3
Real Beauty.mp3
No Control.mp3
Lie and Truth.mp3
Fuckin’ Crime.mp3