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Monthly Archives: December 2006

THE INSULTS- Thrasher go Home 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


Happy Halloween everybody! This is not the INSULTS, it’s THE INSULTS from Michigan / Spain. The band was actually not meant to be taken too serious, still this 7″ is a nice piece of metalfree full blast dyslexic HC. Only 300 copies were made, and the cover is handglued and looks very nice. Although this […]

GISM- Detestation CD (Beast Arts / VID Records, Japan, 1992 [1984])


I’ve been meaning to post some GISM for quite some time now and when I realized, that I have the DETESTation CD as well as the vinyl (I rarely look through my Cds), I thought I’d share this with you. This is true Girlfriend-chase-away-Core! There’s plenty to be found on GISM on the web, so […]

Mc RAD- Dominant Force Mini-LP (Red Music, USA, 1984 [manuf. in Holl])


And again one of the enigmatic order of the Mini-LPs (translate: extended playing extended plays). Joe over at Last Days of Man on Earth recently posted some hot shyte (Dr. Know and the 2nd Thrash Comp, “Barking Trucks and blazing Wheels”) and asked to hear the infamous McRAD debut. Well, I wouldn’t be the nice […]

SS DECONTROL- The Kids will have their Say Mini-LP (Dischord Records / X-Claim Records, USA, 1982)


cover scans currently down In order to helllcome the 100’000st visitor since I installed the counter a couple months back, here’s one of the milestones of HC for you to grab. When I was about to finish the cover art for INFEST’s “Slave” Mini-LP on my label OFF THE DISK RECORDS, Matt (the guitarist of […]

RAW POWER- You are the Victim LP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1983)


photos currently down Another great scanner and photoshop job by me … get me an lp-size scanner gawddammit!!! Somebody recently begged for this: RAW POWER from Italy had 2 albums, a couple of tapes and a so-so 7″. The rest you can forget. Even the re-issue of this sucks shit compared to the original sound, […]

STAINS- John Wayne was a Nazi, b/w Born to die 7" (RRadical Records, USA, 1980)


Texass up yours! Since I recently posted the first DICKS 7″, I thought I had to follow up with this first release from Rradical Records. STAINS were basically, as you know, what was later known as MDC. “John Wayne was a Nazi”, though it’s quite obvious that he wasn’t, has become a real catch phrase […]

ROTZKOTZ- Lebensfroh und farbenfroh LP (No Fun!. Germany, 1981)


ROTZKOTZ (kinda hard to translate; “Rotz” is snot and “Kotz” is short for “vomit” = Snotvomit) from Germany were formed in 1977 and released a great, pretty much under-appreciated Punk LP in 1979 (“Much funny”), before putting out this 2nd and last album in 1981. Although the band gained some fame back in the day, […]

GENOA- What a wonderful Life! Ha!! Mini-LP (Vice, Japan, ca. 1988)


Too lazy for a backcover scan.When everybody thinks the typical big names or the high priced gems (of which they learned a couple months back) were the shit, we know this wasn’t all. GENOA’s first and only (?) release, a 45 rpm Mini-LP (and a bonus flexi), is one fucking powerhouse! I normally don’t like […]

THE DICKS- Hate the police 7" EP (Radical Records, USA, 1980)


Repost of my first post from March 3 2006 – mp3 files added! “Mommy, mommy, mommy look at your son” – that’s how one of the very best songs ever starts off – and right from the first beats on, you’ll find yourself drawn into a claustrophobic atmosphere of both bitterness and melancholy. It always […]

CHICKEN BOWELS- Keep our Fire burning! 7"EP ([japanese writing] F006E, Japan, 1987)


CHICKEN BOWELS one and only 7″ (they also had some tracks on “My Meats your Poison” Comp LP) is one crazy japanese slab. Typical top-notch musicianship, tight production and exceptionally great melodic vocal lines. “No Control” and the fantastic “Lie and Truth” may be the highlights here. But who could say it better than the […]