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THE VERGE- Habitual 7″EP (No Crust Records, USA, 1983)

verge_frontverge_backverge_inner1verge_inner2 From Albany, NY, came THE VERGE. This great 7″ has 4 calm, atmospheric Post-Punkish songs that won’t be everybody’s cup o’tea (check the da rhyme). If you’re into later MIDDLE CLASS, EMBARRASSEMENT or generally speaking – GANG OF FOURish rhythm-ism, this is for you!
I bought this a long time ago because of the beautiful cover alone. It was 1.- Franken only and I thought, what the hell, this LOOKS good. I never really got into it though, so this ended up in my sales box for it stood there for quite some years. I thought nobody would buy this anyway. When I recently went through that box, desperatly looking for records I could sell to pay rent, I stumbled across it and remembered how much I liked the foldout postersleeve on thick paper. I unfolded it, looked a the picture of the 3 yong men with instruments in their hands – and just like so long ago, I KNEW I would like this! And right I was – it’s great, but maybe it takes a while to get into this. It’s music for elderly people who enjoy themselves on their couch with a good bottle of wine and decent music and much more so, than at a punk concert. And it’s quite the opposite of, say, ULTRAVOX, which Peter is about to post. “I shake my head, I don’t know what to say” (Agent Orange, “The last goodbye” on “Living in Darkness”)

This is the printed innersleeve: