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VOID- Condensed Flesh 7"EP (Eye 95 Records, USA, 1992)

VOID! The best D.C. band? Most likely! The feedback on the guitar alone makes me wanna do things. THINGS! The split LP is mandatory. And so is this! There’s also a WILD live 7″ boot and I have an unreleased tape of a live gig where they’re so damn drunk it’s not funny anymore. Not sure whether this was really autzhorized but anyway – it contains the 1981 demo. Some well known german label had this 7″ on CD, you know. when this came out I was very happy cause unlike others, I don’t like worn out tapes too much. What else can I say on such a rainy day? Clear vinyl, first press of 500. Did I mention this is essential? Turn up loud, masturbate hard & headbanging til orgasm!

Organized Sports / Annoyed.mp3
Controller / Revolt.mp3
Condensed Flesh.mp3
Black, jewish & poor.mp3
War Hero.mp3
Get out of my Way.mp3
Go south.mp3


  1. Stinky82

    for me, the best DC band is SCREAM, but VOID is also great, especially on this EP where we can find their ´81 demo.


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 08:16 | Permalink
  2. Erich

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 08:45 | Permalink
  3. Anonymous

    one of thee best bands ever!!!!!!


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 10:27 | Permalink
  4. antid.oto

    It was produced by Ian Mackaye. And the result is great


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 11:44 | Permalink
  5. Oliver

    Void were really good, and I love’em. There’s a debate over the VoidFath split — whose side was better? In any event, ever seen any vids of them, YouTube or elsewhere? Short shorts and 80s frosted surfer/skater haircuts (well, what were considered skater haircuts at the time), with shiny tan legs. Funny to watch.

    Thanks for posting.


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 13:24 | Permalink
  6. BentPete

    Ian MacWho??????Doesn´t make it better…..LaLaLaLa


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 17:39 | Permalink
  7. Tom

    This is classic. I used to own the split LP and frankly I like this EP better. I also liked the songs on the Flex Your Head comp alot.
    Btw, I don’t see too much short shorts or frosted surfer cuts here
    Maybe I’m missing something but these dudes are not too pretty for 1983. Classic hardcore and better than Minor Threat IMHO.


    Posted on 21-Nov-06 at 22:35 | Permalink
  8. haizman_brain

    Speaking of Void and Minor Threat – an old friend from DC told me that the song “small man, big mouth” was about the Void drummer.

    I have this EP, and also the older “hit and run” demo. I used to have the “Potion For Bad Dreams” songs but could not get into it (too slow and not the same insane version of Void).

    Maybe you can post a few tracks from the other stuff you have! I love the few tracks on the Dischord 20th Anniversary album.


    Posted on 22-Nov-06 at 01:27 | Permalink
  9. Anonymous

    please post that live tape yer talking about. void were one of the best hardcore bands ever to grace the planet, hands down.


    Posted on 22-Nov-06 at 18:41 | Permalink
  10. Anonymous



    Posted on 06-Dec-06 at 16:38 | Permalink
  11. Void/Faith split — whose side was better?

    VOIDs all the way!!!
    Thanks for posting this, i didn’t even know they’d recorded anything else than the split.
    And so i’d be very curious to hear that “Potion For Bad Dreams” haizman_brain is talking about… any way it could be posted? 😉


    Posted on 09-Jan-08 at 06:24 | Permalink
  12. YES! PLEEEAASE!!! If you have that live 7″ and that drunk tape – PLEASE POST!!


    Posted on 11-Jan-08 at 18:27 | Permalink
  13. Steph

    I’m way late on this but thanks.


    Posted on 09-Apr-10 at 15:39 | Permalink
  14. Thomas

    The funniest story I heard about Void was when they were supposed to meet up for new band photos, one of the guys didn’t show up (I think it was the guitar player… or the drummer… who cares?), but since they had arranged for a professional photographer to take the photos they substituted the missing band member with a pair of sneakers… so you have the three guys plus a pair of shoes in those band photos… Well, it never fails to make me smile…


    Posted on 09-Apr-10 at 21:39 | Permalink

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