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(IMPATIENT) YOUTH / THE MUTANTS- ’78 on 45 Split 7″EP (Shredder Records, USA, 1988)

cover scans currently unavailable This was requested by some folks after I mentioned it in Eric’s recent (IMPATIENT) YOUTH post and I’ll glady help out.
I swear, (IMPATIENT) YOUTH would probably only need to pick up their instruments and it would be a smash hit already! Earworm melody after earworm melody, very harmonic but not without a 2nd layer of a pessimistic undertone. Clearly CLASH influenced, with a lot of folk-ish feeling thrown in and in that sense maybe typical for the late 70s S.F. scene. A Bay Area punk veteran once told me that nobody really cared for (I).Y. too much as there were wilder things going on in Southern California at the time. This on one hand wouldn’t surprise me due to the rather traditional sound of this outfit, but as time went by, the qualities and durability of (I).Y. shines through. “Impatient Youth”, the band’s theme song, illustrates it rather nicely: Catchy melodies, a flesh hook of a chorus line and, as said before, a certain melancholic vibe. Essential and one of my fave bands!
THE MUTANTS sound kinda X-sh and I’m sorry to say they never really impressed me.

500 made of this white piece of plastic – two Bay Area bands recorded live in 1978 (when I was into ABBA, AC/DC and Blondie).

IMPATIENT YOUTH: Impatient Youth.mp3
IMPATIENT YOUTH: I don’t care.mp3
THE MUTANTS: Love song.mp3
THE MUTANTS: Insect Lounge.mp3