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NEGATIVE TREND- s/t 7"EP (Heavy Manners, USA, 1978)

nt_frontnt_back“I wanna live a life of suicides, I wanna be the type with crying eyes” – for NEGATIVE TREND’s singer bassist Shattner who died a few years after this words of the EP’s highpoint “Black and red”, these words seemed to be a morbid motto. Drug ridden, totally hopeless Junkie Punk from one of San Francisco’s best bands ever. Although I can’t stand “Mercenaries” with its disharmonic (not on purpose, my guess) chorus line and “”How ya feel” neither ain’t the best song ever, this 7″ still is among my all time faves. Two songs here on, “the aforementioned “Black and red” and “Meathouse”, just destroy! “I just got back from the meathouse, they got all our lovers hanging there. I took a look into the meathouse, they package all our heroes there”. The lyrics alone make you feel uncomfortable and the music is the perfect soundtrack to an early death. It’s also remarkable that this comes close to proto-HC of a slow tempo kind. You see, in 1978, something was in the air in California!

Pretty much everybody once was in NEGATIVE TREND. The 12″ repress of this 7″ (a very worthwhile investment!) includes a family tree which has to be seen to be believed.

Did you know that Rik L Rik, who claimed to have written some of these songs (I’m not sure, but I seem to remember some sort of controversy about the actual authorship), recorded his own versions of “Meathouse”, “Mercenaries” and “Black and red”, to be found on the marvellous “Beach Boulevard” Comp LP? Now that’s a comp you oughta have, I tell you!

Black and red.mp3
How ya feeling?.mp3