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WILLFUL NEGLECT- s/t 12"EP (Neglected Records, USA, 1982)

cover shots currently unavailable WILLFUL NEGLECT did not simply have it – they’ve had plenty of it! The band had a hard time in the 80s among the MRR-dominated HC scene. I sometimes felt they were willfully neglected. But now that there are appeal courts like the little shit blog of ours for cases of severe rock’n roll injustice, things will better for sure!
Steve Fjelstad sat next to the band when doing the mix and you definately can hear that! Massive, dry and well balanced sound, with a great live atmosphere (the little feedback in- and outros). tight musicianship and just a golden hand in writing songs make this a clear standout! Amazing though how little appreciation WILLFUL NEGLECT seem to be getting still.

After the 1000 copies of this (which you could buy sealed until not too long ago!), they had another killer 12er, called “Justice for no one” (ironically). Hopefully some other blog will post this for you guys and gals out there.

E.M.S. & D..mp3
Good clean Fun.mp3
Outa my Mind.mp3
Abort the Mission.mp3
Gash Abuse.mp3
5 nice Guys.mp3
Herpes (will I get).mp3
Willful Neglectors.mp3

PS: Cover shot is real shit, I know.


  1. Anonymous

    This is fucking great!!!!!!!


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 11:35 | Permalink
  2. Anonymous

    holy sh……
    this is unreal. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 13:14 | Permalink
  3. Erich

    You’re welcome Timmy! It’s fantastic, ain’t it.


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 13:26 | Permalink
  4. Peter - KBDRecords

    Masterpiece! Thank you Erich.


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 13:32 | Permalink
  5. Anonymous

    no wonder strange reacton called it a day with a blog like this around …. THANKS!!!!!!!!


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 13:47 | Permalink
  6. fnordboy

    Yeah – I’m liking all the attention being paid to the old MPLS punk rock scene these days.

    Mr. Stumble over at Last Days of Man on Earth recently posted Man Sized Action’s “Five Story Garage” Lp on Reflex Records – not H/C, but definitely worth checking. Engineered by Fjelsted – with some seriously Mould-y sounding guitar.

    Also on the Reflex Records tip, check out Final Conflict’s “In the Family” E.P. over at Produced by Bob Mould with Fjelsted on the board.


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 14:10 | Permalink
  7. Erich

    FINAL CONFLICT is great but the rip is awful. Thinking about doing it some justice by posting it here …..


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 14:19 | Permalink
  8. Anonymous

    erich, please post that final conflict record. that post of it on 7″ punk does suck. i just read that you can get both the 12″ records and the never released final 5 songs record from willful neglect on one cd.
    thanks again,


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 14:22 | Permalink
  9. Erich

    When I post this, the guy from 7inch punk will definately hate me and nver ever gonna link my site to his, timmy.

    Haha, okay, I will post it.


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 14:38 | Permalink
  10. UKHC

    =:-) As if you’d need that link of theirs. Congrats to the best HC PUNK blog around. Great selection and BY FAR the best quality rips!


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 14:48 | Permalink
  11. Peter - KBDRecords

    Only 10 comments? Now it’s 11.


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 16:08 | Permalink
  12. Erich

    Thanks for your support. Oi Oi Oi Punx not dead!!!!!


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 16:09 | Permalink
  13. Eric

    Post that Final Conflict rip if you have it – the one on 7″ punk is the same shitty rip floating around Soulseek – do it justice, man!


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 22:19 | Permalink
  14. fred

    These guys played LA touring for the 2nd 12 inch. I bought both of them from them at the time. Don’t have either now, wha happen to those rekkids I wonder?


    Posted on 03-Nov-06 at 22:32 | Permalink
  15. Anonymous

    Hey!! I need the “Justice For No One”, help!!??


    Posted on 04-Nov-06 at 03:56 | Permalink
  16. Peter - KBDRecords

    Hey Fred, WN transformed into The Tranques:


    Posted on 04-Nov-06 at 09:29 | Permalink
  17. Anonymous

    This was great. How could I have missed this?


    Posted on 05-Nov-06 at 16:03 | Permalink
  18. behjan

    Since I first heard both 12″s by WN at the start of 1990´s ,I was blown away.Beside it´s “wall-of-sond” production, the enthusiasm these 5x guys laid down is almost unrivalled (the vocals really remind me to Vic of AOF, as FLEX! also mentioned)
    EMS&D from the 1st and CASKETS from the 2nd are my favourite ones. Then-manager John Kass kindly made that CD with all songs plus bonus ones and there musta be at least one show being filmed (YouTube, hopefully one day…)
    Great, just great !!!


    Posted on 13-Jul-08 at 11:54 | Permalink
  19. Ok, I gotta dig out that WCCO-TV video, I’ll get Ollie Stench to post it on youtube for y’all to see. Check there soon.


    Posted on 01-Aug-08 at 22:23 | Permalink
  20. Wade Calhoon

    There is some other differently styled music available to listen to at “Wade Calhoon” “My Space”.


    Posted on 16-Sep-08 at 06:51 | Permalink
  21. Wade Calhoon

    These are about to be re-released in vinyl!


    Posted on 23-Oct-08 at 18:47 | Permalink
  22. Wade

    There was a concert at “Goofys Upper Deck” that was filmed for a compilation called “The Kitten Tape”. Someone must have it.


    Posted on 15-Apr-10 at 20:13 | Permalink

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