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WILLFUL NEGLECT- s/t 12"EP (Neglected Records, USA, 1982)

cover shots currently unavailable WILLFUL NEGLECT did not simply have it – they’ve had plenty of it! The band had a hard time in the 80s among the MRR-dominated HC scene. I sometimes felt they were willfully neglected. But now that there are appeal courts like the little shit blog of ours for cases of severe rock’n roll injustice, things will better for sure!
Steve Fjelstad sat next to the band when doing the mix and you definately can hear that! Massive, dry and well balanced sound, with a great live atmosphere (the little feedback in- and outros). tight musicianship and just a golden hand in writing songs make this a clear standout! Amazing though how little appreciation WILLFUL NEGLECT seem to be getting still.

After the 1000 copies of this (which you could buy sealed until not too long ago!), they had another killer 12er, called “Justice for no one” (ironically). Hopefully some other blog will post this for you guys and gals out there.

E.M.S. & D..mp3
Good clean Fun.mp3
Outa my Mind.mp3
Abort the Mission.mp3
Gash Abuse.mp3
5 nice Guys.mp3
Herpes (will I get).mp3
Willful Neglectors.mp3

PS: Cover shot is real shit, I know.