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PROTES BENGT- In Bengt we trust 32-Song EP 7" (Röj Records, Sweden, 1985)

Surprizingly, I didn’t find this on 7Inch Punk. If you haven’t heard this before and if you’re into MOB 47, RÖJERS, ANTI-CIMEX, SHITLICKERS and the lot, you’re probably going to die in a few seconds. PROTES BENGT featured Per (later FILTHY CHRISTIANS) and the guys from MOB 47 and they just fucked shit up with this one! Crazy, over the top euro thrash, just a millisecond before others combinded this with REPULSION and created NAPALM DEATH, AGATHOCLES or FEAR OF GOD. It’s crazy that you immediately know who’s on guitar and where it was recorded as soon as Ake comes in. I think this is why RUPTURE had the song “Ake is God”. Ake is the Kerry King of HC.
What always made me think on this 7″ is how Chrille, who played drums in MOB 47 and did a decent job, managed to fuck up so badly when he play a little faster. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he nearly loses his sticks, but it’s still kinda astonishing, isn’t it.
A bit of collector trivia: 1000 copies were made and when the band ordered a second press, the pressing plant mixed up the plates and pressed 1000 more of the MOB 47 EP. They kept them, made new sleeves and sold them. I think there was a repress of this too with a different sleeve. And yes – the demo that followed after this blows it to pieces. It’s incredible!!!

The fucker has 32 tracks and I’m not going to split them up, no Sir. Neither will you talk me into writing down all the song titles in Swedish (which I speak fluently though not in the right direction). If anybody cares to type them (see scan) and mail them to me, I will however include them and think about splitting the songs up into single track files.

Seat belts on? Ready?

The A-Side.mp3
The B-Side.mp3