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Monthly Archives: November 2006

MOTHER’S RUIN- Godzilla (a japanese Love Song) 12"EP (Off Course Records, Switzerland, 1979)


cover pix currently down MOTHER’S RUIN were one of the earlier swiss Punkbands. Although, from what it seems and what I heard, quite a bit of energy was put into the project of making them “big”, the band didn’t really get much attention outside the swiss mini-universe. Maybe this is because the band never sounded […]

BIG BLACK- Il Duce 7" (Homestead Records, USA, 1985)


BIG BLACK. Driller meets sledgehammer. Il Duce.mp3 Big Money.mp3 Songs removed after complaint of T&G

PLAYTHINGS- The Church of God, c/w I can’t face it 7" (Psychotex, USA, 1995 [1981])


Recorded in 1981 and not released until 1995, Texas Punk Rockers PLAYTHINGS are virtually unknown today. Maybe the idea of pressing a mere 200 copies (on clear vinyl, by the way) of this didn’t help the band much in gaining poularity? And now imagine they had put that out in 1981 with a press run […]

SLIME- Wir wollen keine Bullenschweine 7"EP (Moderne Musik, Germany, 1980)


From satanism to left-radicalism in one hour! Blimey!One of the most controversial Punk bands ever and certainly the most censored one in Germany. SLIME had a huge following during the 80s and in a way delivered the soundtrack to those riotous years. Much like TON STEINE SCHERBEN, they literally coined a whole phraseologyy. Simple truths, […]

NME- Machine of War Demo Tape (NME-Attack, USA, 1985)


And some more Black Metal. Not of the easy listening type this time, ‘though. Massive VENOM copying too, but unlike BULLDÖZER (posted a few days ago), this has no MOTORHEAD influence at all, instead I think there’s quite a bit of HELLHAMMER thrown in. Still – and if it weren’t so, I wouldn’t post it […]

THE VERGE- Habitual 7″EP (No Crust Records, USA, 1983)


From Albany, NY, came THE VERGE. This great 7″ has 4 calm, atmospheric Post-Punkish songs that won’t be everybody’s cup o’tea (check the da rhyme). If you’re into later MIDDLE CLASS, EMBARRASSEMENT or generally speaking – GANG OF FOURish rhythm-ism, this is for you! I bought this a long time ago because of the beautiful […]

SOD- Sound of Disaster 7"EP (Cross, Sweden, 1985)


This is posting number 150! I’ve become a really active blogger as it seems and I hope you’re still there after so much Satanmetal! Just around the time S.O.D. (“Stormtroopers of Death”) released their “Speak english or die” LP, Sweden’s SOD put out their 7″! And that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Don’t get […]

WITCHFINDER GENERAL- Burning a Sinner, c/w Satan’s Children 7" (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1981)


Repost from March 3 2006. Added some words of wisdom and audio files. For use in satanic rites only! I admit – sometimes I feel ashamed of myself. You can’t seriously like this, I happen to think in those moments. And whenever it hits me like that, it’s about a Metal record. Same story here. […]

BULLDÖZER- Fallen Angel, c/w Another Beer (is what I need) 7" (selfproduced, Italy, 1984)


Re-post from April 3 2006. MP3 files added for educational reasons. Italys BULLDÖZER 7″ from 1984 is what I call a genuine copy (of VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD). I remember when it came out, a local record store had a few copies of it and everybody was trying to get one. BULLDÖZER were doing the right […]

VOID- Condensed Flesh 7"EP (Eye 95 Records, USA, 1992)


VOID! The best D.C. band? Most likely! The feedback on the guitar alone makes me wanna do things. THINGS! The split LP is mandatory. And so is this! There’s also a WILD live 7″ boot and I have an unreleased tape of a live gig where they’re so damn drunk it’s not funny anymore. Not […]