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ARE WE TOO LATE FOR THE TREND?- Compilation LP (ESR Records, USA, 1979)

cover shots currently down More Texas-insanity! Legendary comp with all your heroes of yesterday when they thought they were too late. VOMIT PIGS are okay but PLASTIC IDOLS deliver the first hit, followed by “Solid Ground” from THE TELEFONES which definately has “it”. THE INFANTS, BARRY KOODA, BLINDATE and E=MC2 are good, but hell breaks loose when you flip the disk over. THE SKUDS do “Dead Dogs” which is the highlight so far and “Nightmare in my Closet” from CONTROL is in the same league – great!! But then, lads and lassies, get ready for Punk’s answer to both Judas Priest and 50’s Sci-Fi soundtracks – “Whips and Midgets” by SMEGMA. THE killer song here, up there in halls of eternal glory!! SUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND’s song is amazing too, always makes me laugh. The remaining two, NERVEBREAKERS and SNAKES are very good and there you are – begging for more and indeed, Ryan Richardson released a 7″ comp with additional material on his label “Existential Vacuum” a while back. My advise to you would be to buy them both when you run across ’em.

VOMIT PIGS- My Face is on your Lunchbox.mp3
PLASTIC IDOLS- Siamese Love.mp3
THE TELEFONES: Solid Ground.mp3
THE INFANTS- Giant Girl in the 5th Grade.mp3
BARRY KOODA- So sorry.mp3
BLINDATE- We’re not here.mp3
E=MC2- We’re not here.mp3
THE SKUDS- Dead Dogs.mp3
CONTROL- Nightmare in my Closet.mp3
SMEGMA- Whips and Midgets.mp3
NERVEBREAKERS- I love your Neurosis.mp3
SNAKES- Karren Ann.mp3

Tracks are out of order on the vinyl; I made it correct. Just for you.