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THE MONO- s/t 7"EP (Monokel Records, Switzerland, 1981)

Mono_backMono_frontMono_insideAnother rather unknown and obscured band from Zurich was THE MONO who released this great 7″ and a year later a full length LP “Sisch doch nur äs Märli”. Until a few years ago, you could find the LP quite easily so I never cared to buy it – until I realised that it wasn’t seeen no longer. Too bad, would love to hear it! The 7″ seems a bit tougher to come by and features three songs of which two are essential for an example of existentialist Punk (now that was aliteration!). I don’t know, maybe it’s not that spectacular musically but of course music is always more than what meets the ear. “Bahnhof” and “Schtop”, both sung in swiss german with a heavy zurich accent, are hard hitting, depressive numbers which always drag me down. “Life” is a bit daft with it’s cliched lyrics and the english vocals.
There was this guy I knew (he suddenly turned away from me for reasons I still don’t understand) who used to tell me how he spent many nights in the so called “Shopville”, a subterrestrial shopping passage underneath zurich main station, when he missed the last train back home. The cops wouldn’t let you sleep there, it was the time of the 80s riots and Zurich was one helluva depressive place to go. As it happens, his memories amalgamated with mine of when I was a pubertal little freak trying to find his way back to the train station after Motörhead, Iron Maiden or AC/DC gigs and usually ended up at the very same Shopville place, frightened of the junkies, the coppers, the punks and whatever was lurking around in the bellies of bank-city. the song “Bahnhof” (“Train station”) expresses this very accurately.
THE MONO don’t seem to have beeen part of “the scene”. There’s little you’ll find about them iin fanzines and they didn’t get much recognition, as it would seem to me. That’s what makes them even dearer to behold. Enjoy!

This is a part of the inside of the foldout picture sleeve.