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BLOODSTAR- s/t LP (Desert Engine, Switzerland, 1988)

cover pix currently down BLOODSTAR like few other bands I ever heard managed to create a sound of their own. Definately not for people with a musical attention span of 1:34, but if you’re looking for a good slow enduring headfuck, BLOODSTAR’s mayhemic soundscapes will most likely amaze you as much as they amazed me for the past 18 years! I can’t think of an other LP from a swiss band that impressed me as much as this.

I wrote 3 different long drafts for this post, trying to find words for the effect BLOODSTAR’s debut has on me, some historical background and all. But now I think, I’ll just leave it up to you – get yourself some booze, smokes and subdue the lights. “L’Alba dei Morti viventi” is actually a cover version of GOBLIN’s contribution to George A. Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” soundtrack. I can post the original too, if anybody wants – but I’ve learned that Metal has a hard-as-steel time on this blog ….. (except for Eric from Something I learned today and Malfeitor who used to run Dressed for the H-Bomb, who seem to enjoy truely good bad music from time to time).

Check out BLOODSTARS official website.

Something else.mp3
Birds of Battle.mp3
birds of Battle II.mp3
L’Alba dei Morti viventi.mp3
Ten Thousand Years.mp3
World is dead.mp3