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MANISCH DEPRESSIV- s/t 7"EP (Soilant, Switzerland, 1983)

md_front.jpgmd_vinyl.jpgLäck Jimmy, läck Bobby! What a monster!! MANISCH DEPRESSIV hailed from Zürich and little seems to be known about them. I’ll first tell you the little I know: When I had the 2nd issue of my fanzine “Megawimp” printed in 1987, it was at Soilant’s, a self-taught printer and the man who used to run the label of the same name. He was one of those friendly but very distant old punkers from Zürich who must have looked down on us kids in some way, I believe. Couldn’t blame him for that. One day, when I was helping with the production of the fanzine at his shop, he grabbed a ladder and led me to a small platform he built underneath the roof, just above our heads. It was, to my surprise, filled with boxes over boxes full of – you guessed it, records! I remember very well how he pulled out handful after handful randomly and threw them around saying “see, I used to have a label and put out all that stuff nobody cared to buy!”. When I asked him to sell me the lot or at least parts of it, he refused, saying he wouldn’t want to sell those records either, he rather have them rot up there. Some of the records he threw around were Manisch Depressiv’s 7″ in the very rare cardoard sleeve (only a handful made of these), others included “Rough Mixes from Switzerland” etc. A short while later, I found me one of these MD 7″s, but unfortunately without the cardboard.
In the german “Pogographie”, a quite extensive discography book, I learned that there must have been some kind of insert too with song titles cause my copy had none.
The label was called Soilant in referrence to the movie “Soilent Green”, btw.

So this is what you get here: Deconstructing Punk! The great sound of this 7″ at first makes you forget that in fact it lacks drumming completely! Instead, the songs are all hacked and reassambled in a bizzare, crude and ultra-hectic manner. Great guitar work, great singing (the ex-TNT singer) and if there’s anything one might want to critically mention, it would be that this 7″ only has two sides full of this poststructuralistic glory! This definately needs to be re-released!

Side A: Gott ist tot / Würde Würde Würde sein / Aber wir wissen / Aufstehen / Was ist los mit Amerika / Zeitmaschine (I&II).mp3
Side B: Existieren sie nicht / Es gibt sie nicht / Die Maschine / Gott ist tot.mp3