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PEGGIO PUNX- Disastro Sonoro 7"EP (Peggio Record, Italy, 1982)

Long time no see & hear. Moving took me one full week instead of estimated 2 days. Bloody hell!

PEGGIO PUNX were one of those bands who like few others define the sound of Italy. Mosquito guitars, shrieking vocals and hectic drumming combined with a very unique overall layer of urgency and immediacy. This first vinyl release of the band is, you guessed it, also its best. But the follow-ups, “La citta e quieta” 7″EP (you can find it here on my partner in crime, Peter’s blog) and the great 12″EP with the long title are also very very very very great. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect there must be a discography CD around somewhere. You better get if you don’t happen to have the originals.

Non siamo come voi.mp3
Disastro sonoro.mp3