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HEART ATTACK- God is dead 7"EP (Damaged Goods, USA, 1981)

“God is dead” – drrrrrrrr – “God is dead” – drrrrrrrr – “God is dead” – this is how one of the greatest songs ever written starts off with machine gun drumming. One bloody mayhem full of stakkato rhythm and wild, chaotic power rips through your ears like few bands managed to do so in the year of 1981. Ever since I first heard HEART ATTACK on the legendary “New York T(H)rash” cassette compilation in the early 80s, I went ape when hearing that tune.
But – and I mean BUT – the bands subsequent release surpassed this slab! “Keep your Distance”, the first of two 12″EP’s, is such a powerhouse you MUST have heard it! One song even features the probably very first “blast beat” drumming in music history – and guess what, none of the kids of today seems to know the band! THAT alone is proof enough for God being dead! I can post “Keep your distance” too, if needed.

Peter had posted this 7″ before on Killed by Death Records, but unfortunately he ripped it from a low quality bootleg. We both thought it’s be in your interest if I re-posted this, taken from the original (very high priced) 7″. As a bonus, I will also show the funny looking inserts even though they haven’t aged in dignity [note: scans currently down].

God is dead.mp3