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MITTAGSPAUSE- Double 7"EP (CK, Germany, 1979)

Although this debut double 7″ has been reissued on CD in 2004 (here), MITTAGSPAUSE will probably be pretty much inconnu outside of Germany.
After this, MITTAGSPAUSE (“Lunchbreak”) had another great and “tighter” sounding 7″ (“Herrenreiter”) and an interesting live LP (“Punk macht fetten Arsch”, which was released posthumously I believe). The untitled double 7″ was re-released on 12 inches in 1983. The band seems to be better known though for the fact that the core members went on to form FEHLFARBEN in 1980. “Monarchie und Alltag”, FEHLFARBEN’s debut was and is and ever will be one of the most amazing records, with a perfect symbiosis of music, sound and lyrics! No collection of good bad music is complete without it.

It’s crazy when you think that there’s only about a year between the release of this babe here and the climax of german post-punk and else as heard on “Monarchie und Alltag”. From snotty, experimental and funny dilettantism of MITTAGSPAUSE to the clean, icecold and hermetic world of FEHLFARBEN in such a short span of time, that is remarkable! Yet one of the two songs both records share, “Ernstfall”, works perfectly in the two versions; sloppy and clean, minimalistic and ballistic. However, you must enjoy this here for what it is. A record that starts off with the tuning of the instruments (“on “Testbild”) can’t be but great! Again, I can’t imagine MITTAGSPAUSE (or FEHLFARBEN) is accessible without the german sung lyrics, but well, let’s see.

3 x Nordpol.mp3
Innen Stadt Front.mp3
In der Tat.mp3