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MODERN WARFARE- No. 2 7"EP (Bemisbrain Records, USA, 1981)

And here’s the follow up – MODERN WARFARE’s 2nd and last 7″. 3 songs which are flawless ├â┬╝bermusic! “No Passion” makes me want to do ugly things to ugly people.
The singer and guitarist Jimmy Bemis later founded Enigma Records.

Rumor has it , there’s an LP full of unreleased material. Please Mr. Bemis – release it at once!

This 7″ has two different sleeves – the one sponsored by the American Beefsteak Industry and another one. Labels on my copy are handwritten; guess it’s a pretty small press run this had.

No Passion.mp3
Suburban Death Row.mp3
Nothing’s left.mp3