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KORO- 8 Songs 7"EP (no label [NR15035], USA, 1983)

This is a repost – mp3 files added. For more greatness in this league – go here.

Over the last 2 or 3 years, word has spread about this 7″. When about 10 years ago, somebody in germany bootleged this one, nobody cared about it too much the first couple of years. Nowadays even the bootleg (on green vinyl) sells for a good price.

I remember when I ordered this 7″ of KORO from a german mailorder (for 5 german Marks), I first was dissapointed when I had opened the package because I believed this was the japanese KURO. Well, dissapointment didn’t last long. The 8 upsa-daisy songs impressed me a lot, tight as fuck and played with such enthusiasm, it still jumps at me. I used to think “Dear Sirs” was the best, then it was “Acid Casuality”, then it was “700 Clubs” until I realised this is an entity – you simply cannot pick one single song off it!
There were rumours going around of more songs from KORO but as far as I know, nothing ever surfaced. It’s about time though that this gets a proper re-release!

Bummer: I had kept this record in one these sturdy, thick plastic sleeves for over 20 years until I realised that the printing of the cover somehow had started to glue on it! You cannot get it out of that üvc-sleeve anymore!! Beware: Never use one of them hard pvc sleeves!! What was also a bit dumb maybe was that I used to detest those “stamp collectors” (as I called them) who would make a big fuzz about having clean copies of rare records, whereas I always thought that these discs were there to be played and gain patina over the years so they would really grow on you and become something unique. That’s why I never cared too much when the top of the sleeve was damaged (in some cases, I even simply cut off what I thought was out of size!). Well – who would have thought these records go for 800$ one day …..

700 Club.mp3
It’s okay.mp3
Dear Sirs.mp3
Acid Casualty.mp3