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V/A CAN YOU HEAR ME? – MUSIC FROM THE DEAF CLUB- Comp. LP (Walking Dead Records, USA, 1980)

Recorded in SF’s Deaf Club in the year of 1979 on 8-tracks, this sadly overlooked LP captures some golden moments!
I myself haven’t been to SF until a few years after these recordings were taken, but even then, there was someting very special about San Francisco. I remember how we once sat in a shithole of a restaurant near Polk Street, when suddenly, on the other side of the road, a door opened and hundreds of Punks etc. came out, sweaty and loud. We waited until some of them would come across the street to the place we sat in. We asked one fellow what gig he cometh from. It was the DEAD KENNEDYS. A postmodern man’s theodicee.

On CAN YOU HEAR ME – MUSIC FROM THE DEAF CLUB, the A-side predominates the flip. Everything here is way beyond greatness – the DK’s, KGB and the OFFS just smoke! Gawddammit, why don’t we hear such music anymore today?! On the B-side, the standout is TUXEDO MOON (especially “19th nervous Breakdown” originally done by the Stolling Rones). A real winner and a document of tempi passati that desperatly needs to get some more acknowledgement!

Well, to my knowledge, this wonderful compilation LP hasn’t been reissued as a whole. The DKs tracks landed on a recent Live CD though.

DEAD KENNEDYS: Police Truck.mp3
DEAD KENNEDYS: Short Songs.mp3
DEAD KENNEDYS: Straight A’s.mp3
K.G.B.: Dying in the USA.mp3
K.G.B.: Picture Frame Seduction.mp3
OFFS: Hundred Dollar Limo.mp3
OFFS: Die Babylon.mp3
OFFS: I’ve got the Handle.mp3
MUTANTS: Tribute to Russ Meyer.mp3
MUTANTS: Monster of Love.mp3
PINK SECTION: Jane Blank.mp3
PINK SECTION: Francine’s List.mp3
PINK SECTION: Been in the Basement for 30 Years.mp3
TUXEDO MOON: 19th nervous Breakdown.mp3
TUXEDO MOON: Heaven (from the film “Earaserhead”).mp3