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GENETIC CONTROL- First Impressions 7"EP (Generic Records, Canada, 1984)

gc_front.jpggc_back.jpgGENETIC CONTROL a.k.a. Canada’s finest young Hardcore band. Although this highly-sought after platter has been reissued at least twice (once as a bootleg CD from Lost & Found and more recently on behalf of the band, with an additional live recording from a 1998 gig and “Suburban Life” from “Primitive Air Raid”). it’s still mandatory for every blog to run a feature of it. “Urban Cowboy” is maybe the least great track on here while “1984” and “Brave New world” just shred. Great sing-a-schlong 2nd-chorus in the latter: “Just fill out the questionnaire: What kind of nose, what color hair / Which emotions, what weight, how tall. Take your pick, they make em all.”
I remember when we, a bunch of young men, sat in Mick Harris (Napalm Death drummer) bedroom in Nottingham in the year of 1986 and played the LP-sessions tape of GENETIC CONTROL and how blown away everybody was. Shortly after, I got ahold of the 7″ for 5$ (those were the days …). But far more interesting a reading is the nifty little KFTH band page which gives you a bit of historical background.

When recording it, I realized how bad the engineering was on the drums-track. Some hits and rolls just clip way over the rest of the sounds level. Still for an 8-track recording, it sounds really great. The drumming is like mercury, everything in motion and you can HEAR the boys enchantment, it really jumps at you! So great!

Love Rat.mp3
Brave New World.mp3
Urban Cowboy.mp3