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ANTIDOTE- Thou shalt not kill 7"EP (Antidote Records Inc., USA, 1983)

What can one still say about ANTIDOTE’s debut? That it starts off as raging as no other record of its time? That it sounds thick and slick without being metal? That its combination of animal-loverism with xenophobia (“Foreign Job Lot”) is rather ludicrous more than disturbing? That it’s still miraculous how so many east coast bands of the time could combine great music with idiotic lyrics / pose?

1000 copies made. The first batch didn’t have the t-shirt offer crossed out on the lyric sheet (of the ca. 10 copies I had in my life, I’ve only seen one like that). Offically reissued on 12 inches in Germany in the early 90s, bootleged by some extremely friendly and good looking fellows on an LP in Switzerland in the late 80s (also featured there THE MOB, CAUSE FOR ALARM and THE ABUSED). Are there any further reissues around? Oh yes – they released a funny 12″ after this one, haha. Would love to hear that again though.

However – you know the line is thin and you’re still on the good side, banging your heads to this smokin platter!!!

Life as one / Nazi Youth.mp3
Real Deal.mp3
Foreign Job Lot.mp3
Zero Mentality.mp3
Got me on the Line.mp3
Die at War.mp3
Something must be done.mp3