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CYANAMID- Stop the World 7"EP (Mutha Records, USA, 1984) & Bonus!

Cyanamid_frontCyanamid_backFeels good to be back again!

This is the 100th post and I thought this requires something special. CYANAMID were probably one of the most influential bands of the 80s – but nobody knows it. When I still was heavily into that “can’t get enuff of noise” mood, CYANAMID blew me away and definately wanted me to start my own thing. The kids sometimes forget that there were basically two paths leading to that “Grindcore” thing – one from the metal side and this was the other one.
Everything about this 7″ is the way it should be – the sound smokes, the songs are either outbursts of chaos and energy or then they come crawlin’ in a FLIPPERish way. “Stop the World”, the epic soundtrack of I-don’t-know-what, takes the cake lyrical-wise and is just a nice thing to listen to, hearing the singer giggle over pure enjoyment of his own improvisations. Just wonderful!

If I remember this correctly, 300 were made with sleeves and another 200 were without sleeve. The band was very friendly and used to send out lots of freebies and all when you’d write them. I think they never really could believe they were getting actual fanmail from Switzerland, haha.

I’m also throwing in the 2 tracks from “New Jersey’s got it?”, the mandatory HC comp from “Buy Our Records”.
Please – if anybody has CYANAMID’s “I Love NJ” Tape – I NEED THAT! Never found it in all those years.

“Stop the World”:
This is Hell.mp3
I hate Pigeons.mp3
I love P.B.J.S..mp3
Older People.mp3
In the Hole.mp3
Stop the World.mp3

Compilation Tracks:
N.J. is a Mall.mp3