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Monthly Archives: October 2006

THE DILS- Made in Canada Double-7" (Rigoletti Records, Canada, 1980)


The ferocious years of “marxism” didn’t last long with the DILS. They fell in love and eventually moved to Canada, releasing one last 7″ – or better 1.5 of that. Nice, calm laid back, much in the vein of (Impatient) Youth. Not as good though. Still, there’s something about the three songs that makes me […]

V/A PALLADIUM – ROCK GENÈVE 81 EN PUBLIC Comp LP (Heroic Records, Switzerland, 1981)


cover scans currently down This comp is basically bollocks – except for DISCOLOKOSST, a notorious band of Geneva. The three songs you have here are some of the hardest hitting shit you’d find in Switzerland of 81 (the year, I bought Venom’s “Welcome to Hell” LP). The bands rips through a very original mixture of […]

ARE WE TOO LATE FOR THE TREND?- Compilation LP (ESR Records, USA, 1979)


cover shots currently down More Texas-insanity! Legendary comp with all your heroes of yesterday when they thought they were too late. VOMIT PIGS are okay but PLASTIC IDOLS deliver the first hit, followed by “Solid Ground” from THE TELEFONES which definately has “it”. THE INFANTS, BARRY KOODA, BLINDATE and E=MC2 are good, but hell breaks […]

YES L.A.- Compilation LP (Dangerhouse, USA, 1979)


pictures currently down Definitely the most beautiful “Picture Disc” I’ve ever seen and a legendary early L.A. compilation everybody has at least heard of. YES L.A. was issued as a sarcastic skit on “No New York”, the disk indeed starts off quite chauvinist with “We don’t the English” by BAGS. The best nationalistic garbage put […]

BLOODSTAR- s/t LP (Desert Engine, Switzerland, 1988)


cover pix currently down BLOODSTAR like few other bands I ever heard managed to create a sound of their own. Definately not for people with a musical attention span of 1:34, but if you’re looking for a good slow enduring headfuck, BLOODSTAR’s mayhemic soundscapes will most likely amaze you as much as they amazed me […]

THE MONO- s/t 7"EP (Monokel Records, Switzerland, 1981)


Another rather unknown and obscured band from Zurich was THE MONO who released this great 7″ and a year later a full length LP “Sisch doch nur äs Märli”. Until a few years ago, you could find the LP quite easily so I never cared to buy it – until I realised that it wasn’t […]

MANISCH DEPRESSIV- s/t 7"EP (Soilant, Switzerland, 1983)


Läck Jimmy, läck Bobby! What a monster!! MANISCH DEPRESSIV hailed from Zürich and little seems to be known about them. I’ll first tell you the little I know: When I had the 2nd issue of my fanzine “Megawimp” printed in 1987, it was at Soilant’s, a self-taught printer and the man who used to run […]

BOBBY SOXX- Christian Rat Attack Live Video!


Some friendly bloke sent me this link and I thought I had to share it. Isn’t it wonderful to see the handful of people performing bad New Wave dancing and the rather static band whereas I, at least, would have imagined some wild, out of control live situation?Check out the man’s other videos – some […]

THE FEEDERZ- s/t 7"EP (Anxiety Records, USA, 1980)


The notorious FEEDERZ, before relocating to San Francisco and messing shit up (reportedly, Frank Discussion had an affair with Jello Biafra’s girlfriend), released their first 7″ on Anxiety Records in 1980 already (it has been re-released on Placebo Records with a different sleeve, though I have also seen copies with the Placebo sleeve and the […]

HEART ATTACK- God is dead 7"EP (Damaged Goods, USA, 1981)


“God is dead” – drrrrrrrr – “God is dead” – drrrrrrrr – “God is dead” – this is how one of the greatest songs ever written starts off with machine gun drumming. One bloody mayhem full of stakkato rhythm and wild, chaotic power rips through your ears like few bands managed to do so in […]