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Monthly Archives: September 2006

DAMAGE- Sins of our Fathers LP (Gnarl Records, USA, 1984) ]UPDATED[


cover pix currently not available I already mentioned this in the MENTAL ABUSE post, so here’s DAMAGE with “Sins of our Fathers”. Driving, tight and highly original Hardcore that is heavy without being Metal. Much of the incredible energy comes from the 2 guitars / 2 basses onslaught and the pounding drumming. Backcover says all […]

RUPTURE- righteous fuck 7″EP (Off The Disk Records, Switzerland, 1991)


When I first heard from the australian band CONTROLLED BY FEAR, I was sure they had to be great since the blokes named it after one of my old song titles. And right I was – the two demo tapes were hot! But after they changed the band name to RUPTURE, they got better yet! […]

THE MAD- Eyeball, c/w I hate Music 7" (Disgusting Records, USA, 1978)


Everybody and his mother knows the A-Side, almost everybody the B-Side. So what. So fucking what. Here’s one of the greatest moments in music history. ’nuff said. “We are THE MAD. We are invincible. Death to false [Blogs? Metal?] Punk, Hail to America.” I hate Music.mp3 Eyeball.mp3 And I’m off to listen to MANOWAR now! […]

NERVEBREAKERS- unitled 7" (Wild Child Records, USA, 1981)


After the first 7″ by NERVEBREAKERS from Texas (posted on this blog – go find it!), they had a 3rd 7″. Between these – and that’s pretty amazing – there was a 2nd 7″. This is not featured here. It’s the third one that never came in a sleeeve and was a gig give-away. Some […]

MENTAL ABUSE- Streets of Filth LP (Urinal Records, USA, 1984)


cover scans currently down / new rip coming! I feel a bit raunchy today, so I thought this is the pick of the day for ye greedy folks out there. It’s hard to believe but MENTAL ABUSE’s one and only LP seems to be totally obscure to the internet world (except for the FLEX-bit, as […]

TARGET OF DEMAND- Man’s Ruin MLP (Happy Hermit Records, USA, 1983)


cover scans currently down We here (all of us) at goodbadmusic headquarters wouldn’t be the nice blokes we are, hadn’t we heard the call to post TARGET OF DEMAND (see DISSENSION entry). Put your feet on the table, breath out deeply and enjoy the best couple o’merry tunes from this 10 song Mini-LP. Funny, huh?.mp3 […]

NEGATIVE APPROACH- Touch & Go Festival


What could be more tasteless and utterly repulsive than a bunch of fist-banging jocks and a family-reunion atmosphere at a “Hardcore” gig?I love the sound of this and how picture and music don’t synchronize resulting in a very funny Benny-Hill-like comedy style.

DISSENSION- Why work for Death? LP (Metal Storm Records, USA, 1986)


cover pix currently down It’s incredible how sometimes a record gets forgotten, lost in time, however great it may have been. DISSENSION’s one and only LP suffered exactly this very fate. But why? Imagine this had come out on X-Claim … Was it because of the recordings were released before their time or maybe after […]

DETENTION- Dead Rock’n Rollers 7" (Rigor Mortis, USA, 1983)


I’m pretty sure everybody has heard the title track of this on some bootleg or the CD reissue (on GTA, I believe). Fair enough. The B-Side of DETENTION’s 7″ is nowhere as good but honestly, “Dead Rock ‘n Rollers” is hard to beat. A true milestone in contemporary art, both sound and lyrics will stand […]

FEAR OF GOD- Pneumatic Slaughter 7″EP (Atrocious Madness Records, USA, 1990)


cover scans currently down FEAR OF GOD was my band, founded in 1986. Lyrics and song and sound ideas went back to 84 and 85 though. It’s a bit off the wall musically for this blog but I still think it’s a good opportunity to make it accessible to people who probably have never heard […]