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BOBBY SOXX- Learn to hate in the 80’s, c/w Scavenger of Death 7″ (VVV Records, USA, 1981)

Bobby Soxxsox_backTexas underground had many an ugly face and this was maybe the ugliest. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting BOBBY SOXX or seeing him live but I’m sure you all know the stories about him. If only half of it is true, he survived more attempted killings than Fidel Castro. To find out more about him and one of his killer bands STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS, follow this link!

“Learn to hate in the 80’s” is one of the songs that really really could drive me mad. It’s raw and primitive and sloppy and the production lacks power – but the vocals alone, the hateful lyrics, the embitterment of it all has enough atmosphere to crush you under tons and tons of hopelessness. Notice how towards the end of the song Bobby Soxx’ vocals turn more and more into some kind of barking and slobbering. I can not but to have the highest respect for so much artistic vision!
The B-side is kind of a bummer. It’s okay when you’re really stoned.

There are some mp3 (from a CD probably) from TEENAGE QUEERS floating around and I would have loved to include the two most monstrous of them (“Masochist Ice Cream” and the incredible “Swastikas for Christ”) – unfortunately I lost them. If anybody has them, please send em over and I will post em here – they have got to be heard to believed!
There’s also a live LP from the TEENAGE QUEERS with BOBBY SOXX which has some great fucking moments. Could post that too.

Learn to hate in the 80’s.mp3
Scavenger of Death.mp3