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BLACK FLAG- Thirsty and miserable 7" (a.k.a. "Licorice Pizza") (SST, USA, 1981)

This rare 7″ was a gig-freebie (read the label imprint). In the b.e. years (before-ebay), you used to hear about a BLACK FLAG promo 7″ with “Damaged” outtakes but nobody I knew had further information. Since the Internet on the one hand destroyed the adventurous fun of record collecting and, on the other, made it so much more effective, it’s safe to say that “Licorice Pizza” is that promo thing. Well, it wasn’t a promo, as you see, and there aren’t really outtakes on it (an alternative take of “Thirsty and miserable” and a live recording of “Life of Pain”) – but still I think this 7″ is among the very best of BLACK FLAG. Henry’s vocals are little less promiently set in the mix which helps, plus the A-side is very very dirty. Here’s for you enjoy!

Thirsty and miserable.mp3
Life of Pain.mp3

PS: One source said 500 made, the other 2000. Who knows more? Has this been reissued?