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BABYLAND- s/t 7"EP (Flipside Records, USA, 1991)

Time to break out of the scheme a bit. I never fancied electronic music too much, especially such with straight (danceable) beats. Some of the very few exceptions would include Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode (yes, DM – I know, I know, don’t tell me) or some Atari Teenage Riot (which gets boring very very fast), Global Genocide Forget Heaven etc. BABYLAND I thought were rather interesting for a while. Although it came out on Flipside, this EP didn’t get much attention from the guitar-fraction, at least in Europe.

What I like about the groups first release is that you immediately hear the musical background which is this blogs theme basically. BABYLAND’s newer material is, frankly, rubbish.

Logan’s Run.mp3
Motor, Tool, Appliance.mp3

In order to make life easier, I took the mp3 files from the “You suck Crap” CD which has the EP tracks.